MAJOR FITNESS opens pre-orders on its less space, more exercises foldable power rack, the Lightning F35

2023/11/7 22:22:49
ATLANTA, Ga., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Optimizing gym equipment so people can train at home on a budget, even if they live in an apartment with limited space, is in reach more than ever now with the launch of the new all-in-one Lightning F35 from MAJOR FITNESS. Home gyms have grown in popularity, but come with challenges such as the lack of usable space for their use and, even worse, storage. All-in-one multifunction products are the answer and MAJOR FITNESS' new all-in-one Lightning F35 has been smartly designed to answer the inconvenience of storing a large power rack at home for strength training. Its foldability greatly helps users save space, and its easy-to-fold feature allows users to conveniently adjust it during training based on different exercises, facilitating more precise movement related.  After super easy set up, this smart safe to use home gym optimizes training. The majority of classic and effective training movements can be perfectly executed on the Lightning F35 all-in-one folding power rack, from squats and bench presses, to cable and mine rows, pull-ups, and more. Users can benefit from a full-body workout including HIIT, strength training, cardio. The all-in-one Lightning F35 power rack is also customisable as users can pair it with a barbell, weight bench, and weight plates or use the four free accessories that will be included (Stirrup Handle, Straight Bar, Lat Pull Down Bar, and V Bar) and combine those with other accessories (a new multifunctional handle, Leg Holder, Tricep Rope) to perform over 80 different exercises, safely. And there is no weight limit for users so anyone can install it on the wall of their choosing. This makes it suitable for everyone in the home, offering versatility and adaptability for various users, from kids to grandparents, but also safe too, which should put users' minds at ease. The team behind the Lightning F35 are all long-term high-intensity regular gym goers, exercise enthusiasts, fitness lovers and expert exercisers, so they have prioritized the safety of all MAJOR FITNESS products including this new Lightning F35 all-in-one power rack. The brand has already established a user base of over 100,000 happy customers, who use its safe all-in-one products, over the past two years, with previous MAJOR FITNESS power racks tested and recommended by Gym Gear Reviews, Gritty Soldier, Luke's Garage Gym, and many more. As the "Game Changer" of the new fitness product market, MAJOR FITNESS's deep cultivation and development in the two elements of "All-in-one" and "Home Gym" cannot be underestimated. MAJOR FITNESS' founder, Jay Gong, commented: "Since more people are now working from home, they may also be going out less, to the gym or for a walk, so the number of home gym products on offer has subsequently increased as a result. Home gym equipment is a great way of enabling everyone to take control of their fitness routine and improve their health, in their own time, from the comfort of their own home. But safety and space saving are also important. That's why MAJOR FITNESS is steadfast in its dedication to providing the finest all-in-one fitness equipment to consumers, and we will continue to focus on this commitment in the future." "While it may seem like every few months a new home gym product appears on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, with practical use claims, space saving promises, a slick video demonstration and the vow to transform the fitness game forever, our Lightning F35 truly is different. It's the most stable, safe, highest weight-bearing capacity, and provides users with free accessories that integrate with others, for a wider range of exercises. We have also designed it to have more adjustability options, and the left and right pulley systems do not interfere with one another, so up to three people can train at the same time. The MAJOR FITNESS Lightning F35 truly is the best all-in-one multifunctional safety-first power rack for compact spaces." Coming to Indiegogo on November 7 at 8 a.m. (PST), the Lightning F35 is a game-changing fitness device that gives users the ability to take control of their fitness and health by exercising at any time from the comfort of their own home, but puts safety first. Supplied with 16 expansion screws to secure it to the wall ensures the sturdiness and durability that MAJOR FITNESS is known for, making it a safe and reliable choice. There is another upside for anyone interested in getting their hands on one of these for themselves via Indiegogo, before the product starts to ship in December 2023. Lighting F35 is available in a limited quantity of 100 pieces at an early bird price: reduced by $50 to just $799. The price will switch to $849 half an hour after it goes online. Fitness enthusiasts can stay tuned for this earlier. From December, just in time for Christmas and the New Year fitness resolution period in January, this safety featured all-in-one home gym power rack will be directly available via both Amazon and Shopify in the USA. All MAJOR FITNESS products are also free shipping across North America. ABOUT MAJOR FITNESS MAJOR FITNESS, founded in 2021, specializes in creating versatile and affordable strength training racks for fitness enthusiasts. Embodying its brand name, MAJORS treats users as pilots, aiming to design products like high-performance fighter jets. With a dedicated team of fitness experts, MAJOR FITNESS focuses on research and development. 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