Fangchenggang, China: A Rising Star in Sports and Tourism

2023/11/14 11:41:12
BEIJING, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report from CRIOnline:  Fangchenggang, a coastal city in Southern China, is gaining attention in the sports and tourism sectors. The city recently hosted the inaugural National Student (Youth) Games Road Cycling Competition from November 2-4. This event, featuring young cyclists from across China, highlighted the city's picturesque coastal routes, its forward-looking approach to environmental sustainability and potential as a tourist destination. Situated in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Fangchenggang serves as a key entry point to the ASEAN region and an important city within the Belt and Road Initiative's western land-sea corridor. The city's location, rich natural resources, and favorable climate are complemented by its role as a testing ground for policy implementation, offering substantial growth and development opportunities. Recent years have seen Fangchenggang hosting various sporting events, leveraging its unique geography. These include the China-ASEAN Marathon, China-ASEAN City Tennis Invitational, China-ASEAN International Youth Football Invitational, Dongxing (China)-Mong Cai (Vietnam) Lantern Festival Football Friendship Match, and China-ASEAN International Sea Fishing Competition, contributing to the city's growing appeal. Zhao Lei, Director of Fangchenggang's Culture, Radio, Television, Sports, and Tourism Bureau, emphasized the impact of the cycling competition. "This event marks a significant step in developing new tourism models centered around sports," he said. "By fostering sports brands, we aim to enhance the core competitiveness of our sports and tourism sectors." Fangchenggang plans to further integrate cultural, sports, and tourism resources with its economic and social development strategies. The focus will be on organizing a variety of events, including local and international tournaments, to promote the convergence and innovation of culture, sports, and tourism.